Enhance Student Affairs with Motivational Interviewing

Have you found yourself hitting roadblocks when trying to have a difficult conversation with students? Have you had a recent conversation with a student who was unwilling to budge on his or her point of view? Motivational interviewing techniques can be a key to having transforming conversations, unlocking a student's potential and helping them work through indecision and resistence to change. This training provides student affairs professionals with the tools they need to utilize motivational interviewing techniques with students and how these collaborative conversations can strengthen a student’s motivation for and commitment to change.

Build Stronger Teams Leveraging Individual Strengths

How do you take a group of diverse people with various skills and motivations and not only rally them around a common goal but ensure that each individual is working at optimal performance? Through Strengths! You can drastically improve team dynamics and productivity by helping your employees discover not only their own individual strengths but those of their team members as well. This awareness drives teams to improved communication, performance and efficiency. ENCOMPASS utilizes the Clifton StrenghtsFinder 2.0 to help your team discover their strengths as individuals and as a group and then works with them to implement meaningful strategies that will help them exceed their goals.  

Use Emotional Intelligence to Transform Leaders

Understanding what triggers your emotions determines how others will view you as a leader, and mastering your emotions allows you to become a stronger leader which helps you manage difficult issues in a calm and highly-effective manner. People who have a high level of emotional intelligence are more confident, more capable, and earn greater respect from their colleagues. They are also better able to stay calm, flexible, and focused when workplace crises hit and panic threatens to set in. The wonderful thing is that your emotional intelligence can be improved upon throughout your lifetime. When you participate in ENCOMPASS' Emotional Intelligence training, you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to transform the way you interact with and respond to others. 

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