Whether you are a leader at work, in your community or at home, leadership coaching can help you reach your goals. Coaching gives you an outlet to discuss things you think about all the time whether they be challenges, obstacles, goals, hopes or dreams. Often, we get caught up in the fast pace of life and the day-to-day demands of our jobs, family and commitments. During our time together, you will pause, slow down your thinking and pay attention to your underlying thoughts, motivations and goals. Having a coach as a thought partner, sounding board and a source of accountability will empower you to find the answers that already lay within.

How Leadership Coaching Can Help YOU​​



  • About small changes that lead to significant results

  • Individualized, Future-focused and goal-oriented

  • A process of self-reflection that leads to insight about one's strengths 

  • A process of inquiry that enhances one's ability to be a successful leader

  • A partnership between coach and client


A strong foundation is key to a successful coaching relationship. It is important that we first get to know each other, discuss expectations and set your goals for our coaching engagement.  The work we do here will guide us throughout our time together. 

Using a combination of formal assessments, informal interviewing and group discussions, we gather information and feedback from you and others in your circle such as your managers, co-workers and direct reports.  All feedback is strategic, confidential and purposeful.


Together we will form an action plan oriented towards capitalizing on your strengths, developing your leadership capacity and achieving your goals.  We provide a framework of accountability and reflection to ensure you make consistent progress and achieve your goals.

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